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Gujarati Alphabet Workbook

Workbook pages for each of the letters of the Gujarati Alphabet

Includes consonants and vowels as well as conjoined letters that are unique to the Gujarati language in workbook only form.

We are so grateful you share our desire to learn Gujarati.

Did you know Gujarati is the 26th most-spoken language in the entire world!? You are about to become one of the 50 million people around the globe who speak this ancient language.

There are many reasons you can benefit from learning to be conversational in Gujarati. Our experience has shown these are the strongest motivators:

• Children

Have you moved outside of India? Perhaps you have had children and you desire that your young ones could be able to speak with family in India, maybe grandparents--even grandparents living with or near you.

• Marriage

Have you married into a Gujarati family? It might be nice, if this is not your native tongue to be able to communicate clearly with your new relatives. How impressed they will be!

Start Here

If you want to begin with the basics, then this Alphabet Only course is a good place to begin. If you prefer to start with all the bells and whistles, then we recommend enrolling in our Gujarati Essentials Course which along with the alphabet, you learn the numbers, vocabulary & phrases, tongue twisters and so much more.

It is our sincere hope you will come along with us on this journey. Because once you purchase this course, you own it and have access to it for a lifetime. So let's begin!

Here are the details about the curriculum...and all of it is included when you buy this package.

Which course is best?

If you learn better through video training, then please enroll in our Gujarati Essentials Course where along with the alphabet workbook practice pages, you can watch a video presentation about each letter and hear how a native Gujarati speaker pronounces them.