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Gujarati Alphabet Flashcards

Our beloved Gujarati Flashcards in Digital Form!

Master the Gujarati Alphabet with these flashcards! Perfect for beginners. 

This colorful package comes with 48 beautifully illustrated cards showing the letters of the Gujarati Alphabet. It is in pdf form so you can download them to your computer, use them online or print them to take with you wherever you go.

A great way for beginners to practice their Gujarati. Effortlessly learn Gujarati while using these effective flashcards! One side has the Gujarati letter on it. The other has the name of the letter and a colorful illustration of the word associated with that letter.

You can master Level 1 then move on to Level 2 or do them both at the same time. Level 1 Flash side of the card with the Gujarati letter and say it out loud. Level 2 Flash side of the card with the Gujarati letter, say it out loud, say the Gujarati word that begins with that letter. Instant feedback and course correction enhances and speeds up learning. Plus they encourage repetition, a key to remembering. Perfect for adults and kids alike

Flashcards are one of the classic study tools when learning something new, and for good reason. They promote active recall, which is one of the practices through which our brains learn most effectively.

The pictures added to this flashcard set makes them a lot more memorable.

In cognitive psychology, there’s a concept called the Picture Superiority Effect, which describes how people tend to remember imagery a lot better than they remember words. From the long term perspective this makes great sense since written language has only been around for roughly 5,000 years and man has been wandering the earth for closer to 200,000 years. Our brains have evolved to become very sensitive to imagery. Thus it turns out a mixture of imagery and words creates better results than just pictures.